Match Report
Lady Barn House School Mixed-U11A vs  Greenbank Prep School
On: Thursday, 07 Feb 2019
Venue: Away

U11 Mixed Basketball Triangular Tournament

The Armitage Sports Centre, Moseley Road, Manchester

A friendly tournament between ourselves, Bridgewater Prep and Greenbank Prep. We played Greenbank first for 10 minutes, one way, and both teams managed to defend well by putting pressure on the ball. This limited both teams attacking options and we came away with a 2-2 result. We then went on to play Bridgewater Prep and there seemed to be much more space, which we took advantage of and finished the game 8-0. Bridgewater Prep played Greenbank, which finished with 8-2 to Greenbank. Sheil impressed us all with his amazing interceptions and managing to keep control when dribbling, even when off balance. An enjoyable afternoon for all!

Mrs Massam

Head of Girls' Games